Tiny House Bylaws
in Canada

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where to legally park your tiny house
what code to build to


Tiny House Village

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House community in Canada


YIMBY Festival
"Yes! in My Backyard"

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Tiny House Villages

Grand Forks Tiny House Village

Grand Forks pushes
bylaw changes
to permit THOW

Council, city staff (Graham Watt, Senior Planner) and Peter Matheson (architect, who built his own tiny home) moving forward with bylaw changes to permit tiny homes on wheels in Grand Forks, BC. Links to the bylaw changes are publicly available here.

Airport Farm Collective

Tiny Homes on Wheels allowed
in Sunshine Valley

Tiny Homes on Wheels and/or on foundations are now allowed in Sunshine Valley, British Columbia. If on wheels you will have to skirt your home or build a deck around it. There are currently 8 serviced lots for $79,900 + GST. Interested? Contact Walter Rawlinson.

Tiny House Village

Tiny Home Subdivision
in Big Valley, Alberta

Big Valley is building a subdivision containing 22 undersized lots for tiny homes. Lots range in price from $43,000 to $46,000, view attachement with the lots and the pricing. The homes will have to be on a permanent foundation, be connected to municipal water and sewer and have hook-ups for gas and power. Interested? Connect with Michelle.

How to find reclaimed materials for your Tiny House

Our movement
pilots Tiny House Village
in Maple Ridge

We submitted a proposal to start a Tiny House Village in a 16-acre farm in Maple Ridge. On Dec 11 we hosted a Jamboree with 10 workshops for the Maple Ridge Tiny House Village. Here is the letter to the Mayor.

Watch the video:
Dave Ryley's Tiny House
& Jamboree

Thanks to Aaron Tha Butcher for filming, and David O'Brien of for editing this short video about the Dec 11 Jamboree for the Tiny House Village in Maple Ridge.

Pilot Village

2017 Tiny House Festival
featured by
Vancouver Magazine

Vancouver Magazine featured the 2017 Tiny House Festival held on July 8 in Vancouver with Alexis Stephens & Christian Parsons from the Tiny House Expedition. Check out the YIMBY Festival photos.

Latest News

Tiny House Festival

Vancouver Magazine features our Festival !

Vancouver Magazine features the 2017 Tiny House Festival @ UBC. Special guest of the festival is the Tiny House Expedition. Read the article about the YIMBY Festival.

Tiny House Magazine

Tiny House Magazine

The Tiny House Magazine is now available: check it out!

Main Feature: Dec 11 Jamboree for the Tiny House Village in Maple Ridge and pictures of the workshops.

CTV News

CTV News writes an article about us !

Lisa Chessari spent months putting together tools, resources and a proposal to create a tiny house village to help people pilot in any municipality in Canada. Read the article about us.

CBC Radio Interview on Tiny Houses

CBC Radio Interview with the Founder

Tiny home advocate Lisa Chessari is lobbying for specific zoning in B.C. municipalities so she can make her dream of building a tiny home a reality: Read her interview with CBC Radio!

CSA Standards for Tiny Houses

regulatory framework for Tiny house in Canada
Tiny House Building Standards
CSA standards for tiny houses

About This Movement

This movement is called: “Park your Tiny House: Make it Legit!”
It started in Vancouver on October 7, 2016 with a meetup group created by Lisa Chessari, who is planning to build her Tiny House and park it legally in Metro Vancouver.
The meetup group went viral and has been gathering others willing to Make it Legit.

Today the movement supports Tiny House owners who want to apply for a permit to legally park their tiny houses. It also connects Home owners willing to offer a parking spots in their backyard/driveway to Tiny House owners. It incorporated as not-for-profit in Jan 2017.

The movement hosted its first Tiny House Festival in Vancouver on July 8 at UBC and featured the Tiny House Expedition. Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons from Tiny House Expedition put together an educational documentary series about "LIVING TINY LEGALLY"!

Mar 17: Meet the movement

Meet the movement on March 17 and learn how to start a Tiny House Village on co-shared land in your town. Check out the agenda for the upcoming meeting or suggest a topic to discuss at the meeting!
Signup below: it's free!

Join our monthly meeting

Our mission is to make Tiny Houses Legal: read our not-for-profit foundation statement !
We match tiny house owners with land owners and support them in the Permit Application Process. We also organize jamborees to raise awareness and tracks complaints related to tiny house builders’ misconduct. Get Involved here.

CSA Standards for Tiny Houses - our foundation created a framework for municipalities to modify their regulations to permit tiny houses permanent legal dwellings. Keep in mind that municipalities are more receptive to permit Tiny Homes if certified as Manufactured homes than Recreational Vehicles, read the document here.

Connect with the Crew

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